Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crap on a Stick

My coffee maker's broken.

I've got a pound of Diva's special dark roast, I picked up half a dozen donuts this morning, there's football on the tube, and I have no coffee. This is a very bad thing. For folks who don't know me, I drink coffee like I used to smoke cigarettes...a pot a day up to two pots on the weekend.


I have a (*phaug!*) french press, that I am using due to the emergency nature of the situation, but I am going to have to make a trip to Fred Meyer today as this situation cannot be allowed to continue.

Ugh. Garbage. As my wife would say, tastes like sock tea.

In other news, I'm sorry for the delay in the next chapter on Land of Ice. It's coming, hopefully today. The weekend responsibilities have, as usual, taken over but I've been mentally scripting the chapter in my free time.

Ugh...this is truly terrible. I'm going to need to run to the coffee shop. Sorry.
: (


  1. Bring it on over. We'll brew it up.
    Only thing is, I'm watching Ancient Aliens.

  2. My condolences, my friend. Good luck with your quest for coffee. BTW, Nemo235, I'm also watching Ancient Aliens! Great show, seen every episode! I'm definitely a convert.

  3. Call me a man of weak will and strong impulse: I am currently in line at the coffee shop getting a real cup of Joe, after which I will be picking up a coffee maker before returning home (I'm not going to shop without cup in hand). Tim Tebow will have to wait.

  4. I would call you, quite simply, a man with his priorities straight. Krups makes any morning better.