Friday, April 8, 2016


This has not been a good week for me personally.

And I know when I write a sentence like that I get a lot of well-wishers responding with positive affirmations. And I appreciate that, really I do. But...well, my personal life is personal and (at least regarding the negative stuff) I try to keep it out of the blog.

Well, except for venting about Paraguay. But that's more like a public service announcement.

ANYway...the problem is, when things are going poorly I tend not to write very much. My creative energy is at a low ebb. The impetus to write (or even look up if I'm using the word "impetus" correctly) is absent. I can knock out little blurbs like this, little "woe-is-me" type stuffs, but that's not what people are stopping by to read. And I know that, and I apologize.

Mainly, I have a bunch of ideas in my head and no one to talk to about them. I start writing about one and something (in my real life) distracts me and then I'm on to the next idea and the last post is left unfinished and less than coherent. I've got something like three or five of those sitting on the ol' "draft" board here, and it's irritating as hell. And depressing. Which puts me into an even deeper funk.


It hasn't been a good week. I'm going to take a nap now and see if I feel a little revitalized after.


  1. The best thing to do really is to "sleep on it." You'll think clearer when you wake up.

    Your magic items for the A-to-Z challenge have been interesting reads. Hope you finish the series.

    Take care.

    1. @ Stelios:

      Thanks (unfortunately, my nap was interrupted).

  2. Happens to the best of us... I've just written a similar article for A Rust Monster; I could have easily put up several "It hasn't been a good year" posts in the last half-decade. As the kitten on the poster says: "Hang in there, baby!"

    1. @ Chris:

      The whole time I was writing this post, I was picturing that damn kitten.

  3. First, remember the old battle cry that applies to D&D and life: FIGHT ON! I've been accused many times of being stalwart to a fault, but I feel proud of my will to fight and keep myself going by sheer will, and I think we have that capacity in all of us. So i believe you can do it too! FIGHT ON!

    Second, as a creative person, it's natural to have a lot if irons in the mental fire. Jot down copious notes on all of them, then force yourself to choose one and focus on it, even if you have to choose via a roll of a funny polyhedral.

    Third, you well know there is a natural ebb and flow of life, so don't kick yourself in the pants too hard!

    See you on the other side, brother! YAWP!

    1. @ Anthony:

      Thanks, man, though the "ebb-and-flow" thing was last week. This is more to do with real life (which know...BORING), so I shan't elaborate.

      But YAWP right back at ya'.

  4. I have a ton of crap in my documents file that were killed by either exhaustion or depression. I'm sure that ever writer does. Stuff that I'll get back to, but never do. I have posted stuff that I really wasn't proud of, and I hate it. It really bugs me.