Thursday, April 21, 2016

R is for Rapier of Reckless Ripostes

[over the course of the month of April, I committed to posting a topic for each letter of the alphabet, sequentially, for every day of the week except Sunday. While I was sorely tired of the challenge after only 15 days, I am trying to "stick to it." Our topic this month? Magical weapons for a B/X campaign. All such weapons are +1 to attack and damage rolls unless, unless specifically noted otherwise. Each of these weapons should be considered unique items]

R is for Rapier of Reckless Ripostes.

The rapier is a specially designed dueling sword, made to pierce an opponent through a vital organ by concentrating force into the tiny pointed tip. In this way, it was similar to the estoc, though many possessed an edge (and least the latter half of the blade) and the weapon was of lighter construction than the robust estoc, allowing for finer manipulation and swordplay. In B/X terms, it has the same stats as a normal sword (though it inflicts 1D6+1 damage if using variable weapon damage) and is much too long to be used by a halfling (though they shorties could use the similar smallsword...treat as a short sword but with variable weapon damage of D4+1).

The rapier of reckless ripostes heightens the speed of its wielder's hand and footwork such that when ever the opponent misses an attack roll in melee, she is allowed an immediate bonus attack against the faltering opponent. This bonus attack does not take the place of the character's normal attack, it represents an aggressive, lightning-fast lunge at an opponent whose blade has missed the mark or been deftly parried. Unfortunately, the riposte is indeed reckless: if the riposte misses the defender, then the defender is allowed an immediate bonus attack against the wielder of the rapier of reckless ripostes...she has left herself wide-open to an easy counter-strike. If this follow-up attack misses, the rapier wielder does not make another riposte; no more than one reckless riposte is allowed in a single combat round.

The weapon's enchantment only function against opponents that wield a melee weapon, never against an unarmed combatant or monster using claws and bites.

Such a beautiful weapon.

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