Friday, April 15, 2016

M is for Morning Star of Malevolent Maiming

[over the course of the month of April, I committed to posting a topic for each letter of the alphabet, sequentially, for every day of the week except Sunday. While I am sorely tired of the challenge after only 15 days, I will try to "stick to it." Our topic this month? Magical weapons for a B/X campaign. All such weapons are +1 to attack and damage rolls unless, unless specifically noted otherwise. Each of these weapons should be considered unique items]

M is for Morning Star of Malevolent Maiming.

The morning star has been (historically speaking) an ill-defined weapon. For purposes of B/X play, the morning star is considered to be a spiked ball or weight, attached to a long handle by a length of chain. Because of its length and size, halflings and dwarves may only use the weapon with two hands (and suffer the normal penalty for using a two-handed weapon when wielding a morning star). Due to the spikes and their purpose of drawing blood, clerics are restricted from using the morning star at all, as are magic-users due to the usual taboos. For those who can wield the weapon, they find it frightfully effective, dealing 1D6+1 points of damage on a successful attack (the damage is the same even with the variable weapon damage rule).

The morning star of malevolent maiming is a vicious weapon, enchanted to inflict terrible, permanent injury on an opponent. Whenever its wielder inflicts maximum damage (a D6 roll of "6"), the DM should roll an additional D8 to determine the specific type of permanent injury its victim suffers:

1-2 Severe ugly facial scarring (-1 penalty to reaction rolls with humans)
3 Loss of an ear (-1 penalty to listen checks)
4 Loss of an eye (-2 penalty to missile attacks)
5 Loss of 1D4 fingers from one hand
6 Loss of hand at the wrist
7 Loss of nose (-3 charisma)
8 Kneecapped! (permanent movement reduction of 3")

There is no saving throw against the malevolent maiming of the weapon, though non-humanoids and incorporeal creatures (like specters and vampires) will be unaffected by its power. As with the axe of indifference, some kind-hearted DMs may allow the effects of the weapon to be healed with a cure serious wounds spell; otherwise, victims of the morning star of malevolent maiming will need a wish spell to recover their lost appendages.

Not a clerical weapon.

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