Wednesday, April 6, 2016

E is for Estoc of Electrocution

[over the course of the month of April, I shall be posting a topic for each letter of the alphabet, sequentially, for every day of the week except Sunday. Our topic this month? Magical weapons for a B/X campaign. All such weapons are +1 to attack and damage rolls unless, unless specifically noted otherwise. Each of these weapons should be considered unique items]

E is for Estoc of Electrocution.

This hand-and-a-half sword is specially designed to pierce the chinks in steel armor. It may be used one- or two-handed (variable weapon damage: 1D6 or 1D8) and its hardened quartz grip and forte have been wrapped with a specially treated and insulated rubber to prevent damage to its wielder.

Any successful strike against a metal-armored with the estoc of electrocution does 1D4 additional points of electrical damage, as sparks fly from contact points. On a deep strike (i.e. an attack that inflicts 7 or more points of damage, including bonuses), the wielder may choose to leave the estoc impaled in the opponent, who must save versus paralysis or find itself stunned from the electricity coursing through its nervous system (a successful save indicates the target is able to free itself from the impaling weapon). As long as the victim remains transfixed, it takes an additional D8 damage per round until dead.

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An estoc has no edge...but a really good point.


  1. Estoc of Elocution would be better. The wielder has to continually monologue every thought, intention and action making it impossible to sneak, surprise or deceive a listener who knows the language.

    1. @ Stu:

      Originally it was going to be Estoc of Engorgement, but the results were kind of gross...
      ; )