Monday, April 18, 2016

O is for Otsuchi of Obvious Opulence

[over the course of the month of April, I committed to posting a topic for each letter of the alphabet, sequentially, for every day of the week except Sunday. While I was sorely tired of the challenge after only 15 days, I am trying to "stick to it." Our topic this month? Magical weapons for a B/X campaign. All such weapons are +1 to attack and damage rolls unless, unless specifically noted otherwise. Each of these weapons should be considered unique items]

O is for Otsuchi of Obvious Opulence.

Hammer time.
The otsuchi or o-tsuchi is a two-handed wooden war mallet used in ancient Japanese warfare. Statistically, it can be used for any similar sledgehammer like weapon. For B/X play, it has the same cost and encumbrance as a battle axe, and it may be used by any class but the magic-user and halfling. If variable weapon damage is used, it inflicts 2D4-1 points of damage on a successful hit; as with all two-handed weapons, it strikes last in melee unless fighting zombies.

The otsuchi of obvious opulence appears encrusted with precious stones, inlaid with gold leaf and silver wire, and handsomely carved with all sorts of martial figures. Though it would seem to be of incredible value as a treasure item, these are simple illusions, and no amount of prying and gouging can remove the "treasure" from the weapon.

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