Friday, April 1, 2016

A to Z Challenge...No F'ing Clue

I really wanted to participate in the April A-Z challenge this year, but I have absolutely zero idea what to use as a theme, and my time is quickly dwindling for my first post (technically, I have two minutes left in April 1st, Paraguay time, but my blog is set to PST which gives me an extra three hours). The only "A" words I can think of are:

Aryan (like "Aryan Nation")

And none of them suggest much of anything, other than some sort of weapon list (from Axe to Zwiehander...but what can I write about that'll make such a theme worth reading?). A list of B/X magic weapons? That seems pretty chincy.

[hmm...not sure I'm spelling chincy right] Lame.


[EDIT: Okay, I entered the challenge and got my first post up. Added to the list as entry #1931. Wow, thee sure are a lot of participants this year. The last time I did this...waaaaay back in 2011...I was able to squeak on at #502. Guess ambition is up these days]

[EDIT #2: Oh, yeah...just doing a list of unique magic weapons for B/X. Yeah, it's cheap. Sue me...the challenge is all about the discipline of blogging with consistency. Let me see if I can nail that FIRST...then you can give me grief about my lack of originality]


  1. Is that April thing still going? I thought we dumped it along with the blog chain letters.

    1. @ Alexis:

      Still, apparently, going strong. I've skipped it the last few years, but I thought I'd give it another try. I'm kind of regretting it already.

  2. No regrets, JB! You're posting some fun stuff!