Friday, April 2, 2010


No comments on the Interludes post yesterday...I hope people didn't think it was an April Fool's post!

Well, we'll come back to all that later. B/X Star Wars is going on a temporary hiatus while I complete the B/X Companion project. I've got one artist working on the cover leaf (Michael from Freezerclown, and, man, it is looking tight!) and I'm starting to solicit folks for the cover art (no takers yet, but some interest). It's hard to believe that this thing has been going on for nearly a year (I think I started in July...?); if I had been more on the ball it could have been cranked out a lot sooner, but I chalk the delays up to my own laziness, procrastination, and distractable self, and for that I do apologize.

Anyway, May is the scheduled release month and this is going to be pretty much my "full-time hobby" till then. I'll be posting periodic updates over the month of April (see? had to wait till the 2nd so people wouldn't think this was a joke), to let interested parties know what's up.

Happy Friday folks!
: )

Oh, by the way...looks like the One Page Dungeon Contest is just about over. The prizes haven't been selected yet, but the final list has been set...there's just some negotiation being done for one or two dungeons that might get added to the "final cut." I'm just happy that the list contains MY top 2-3 picks. Excellent, excellent work from everyone, truly.


  1. I'm a little "what what?" about the idea of B/X Star Wars, and clearly need to head back into your archives a smidge.

    From reading your other post, the Interlude concept sounds like it would be tricky to implement--I hope you get a chance to playtest it.

  2. The interlude idea also turns up in the brilliant 3:16, as "flashbacks". I like it a lot, and think there's potential in using it in a B/X type game, however, I can see players abusing it to earn experience, spamming the group with interlude after interlude in order to gain points. But like many aspects of this hobby, a good GM will head that problem off.

    I like it, not least because it's the kind of story/old-school melding which is going to annoy the holier-than-thou types on both sides! ;)

  3. @ Kelvin:

    (yes, 3:16 is brilliant BTW...though it completely ripped off an idea I had been working on, dang it!)

    That's why I figured there would need to be firm limits on Interludes...limits of XP as well as how many are available to players.

    However, it allows for some interesting ways of playing...I'm not sure I want the game to become a soap opera-type game, so I'd probably limit the # of interludes to one per player per game session (think of the old 1980s Buck Rogers TV series...that's about the maximum number of "soft" scenes one would see every week, in addition to the usual exposition-to-set-up-the-episode).

    @ Jayson: yeah, playtesting is probably called for.