Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wow...Where Have I Been the Last Two Weeks?

The Chicago Wizard, Chgowiz, the "Old Guy" is gone.

At least his blog used to be here.

According to my blog roll, his last posting was 2 weeks ago, something about Otherworld Miniatures.

Jeez...that's a hit to the blog-o-sphere. I know a lot of folks were tuned into his Dark Ages campaign. Personally, I enjoyed his reminisces about Battle Tech and his tales of the Princess Wife's adventures (aka "solo role-playing with your spouse made easy").

Well, perhaps he'll be back...from reading his blog, I know the last twelve months have been rough ones (haven't they been for a lot of folks?) plus I'm much less a curmudgeon than I pretend to be...I'm still holding onto hope that The Borderlands will make a comeback, and Steven hasn't posted anything since last July!

[Mr. Cook is still registered as a follower of this blog, though I don't know if he reads it or not]

So perhaps Chgowiz will get back in the game one day soon. Here's hoping!
: )



  2. Yeah, things got a bit silly there for a while. Lots of people threw their toys out of the pram and were met with appropriate derision, btu everyone misses Chgowiz (who didn't throw his toys anywhere, just to be clear).

  3. I miss him too. His Solo D&D Games With My Wife posts inspired me to do a similar series (albeit much wordier...;P).

    His only public statement came via his Twitter on March 22nd:

    "I'm removing myself from public view. Blog, forum, TARGA, publishing - I'm done with them all. I have nothing else to say about it. The end."

  4. @ David: Rusty's going too? Ah, shit...

  5. @JB - I think that Rusty decided to keep on swinging after I made that post. Especially since the post where he said he was going away went away.