Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Adventure Continues

Back in the saddle, indeed.

For those who've been keeping score, I've been down quite a few points to other game designers/publishers with their boxed game releases. Yeah, we all got the same idea about the same time (I think I may have even been a little earlier, but that's probably just my conceit talking...) but being a rank beginner at this whole "writing/publishing" -thang means I've lagged behind.

Anyway, that's fine...I mean, I accept that I will probably never be an RPG publishing magnate, much as it would be cool to be one (really...I would consider it cool). The main thing is I've got to start somewhere, AND it's important to actually get something done.

Well, it is getting done.

The Doc (who emails me his blog comments rather than publishing 'em here) says: "you blog way too much...no one can keep up with all this stuff." Maybe he has a point, so for the benefit of new(er) readers that are interested in the B/X Companion but don't want to read through all the gazillion "Companion" posts, here's the quick summary:

- I am writing MY version of the Dungeons & Dragons Companion Set (Rule Set #3) promised in the Tom Moldvay edited D&D Basic set and Dave Cook/Steve Marsh edited D&D Expert set.
- I am publishing it in the style of those original two rule sets: i.e. a box, a 64 page rulebook, an adventure module that introduces many of the new rules.
- The rules are written...I'm in the process of filling the book with artwork begged and scammed off my talented blog-readers.
- The module is not yet finished.

Part of the delays have been my laziness, but most of it has to do with my personal lack of artistic talent (or a bankrolled art department). But it IS coming together.

And now the damn module...I'm not even worried about the f'ing art on this one...it's the damn maps. Not having maps (well...save for some rough, ROUGH sketches), makes it tricky to write up numbered encounters, let me tell you.

And yet, somehow I'm doing it.

Added four more pages to the module today...I'm up to 14 with pretty much the entire adventure outlined. Tomorrow I'll try to add the same number and get the maps finished in the evening. Just sitting down and working feels good; I haven't done it in awhile. The motivation?

I re-read my B/X Companion. Damn I'm proud of this book.

More to come, folks. Keep the faith.
: )


  1. It must be good to get back in the saddle. From reading your blog it had seemed as if you had put the project aside for awhile. I'm interested in how it turns out.