Friday, March 11, 2011


My heart (and prayers) goes out to the people of Japan...I have friends in Tokyo and Kofu and those areas seem less devastated than the north, but sheesh. Hopefully the help and recovery period will be quicker than Haiti (who's STILL suffering!)!

I hope Noisms is okay.


  1. I think Noisms has since moved back to Britain, so he should be okay, but he'll have friends and family out there.

  2. Yeah, I have some close friends in Japan too and I am more than a little worried. I hope all is well for everyone there and the country recovers quickly.

  3. My parents have an exchange student from Japan. She went to bed last night before the news came. Hope she's able to contact her friends and family back home.

    I don't think Americans would experience an equivalent disaster without Yellowstone going off or something. I still need to read up on it to get a real handle on how big this is.

  4. Hey, I saw your comment on Noisms journal: he was and is in Japan visiting, but he and his wife are in Tokyo and are OK.

  5. @ ZZ: things get worse and worse out there, I can't help but worry for folks. My own complaints seem petty next to the struggles of our friends in Japan.
    : (