Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Are You Ready For A Good Time?"

I'll make this brief, 'cause I got less than 4 hours o sleep last night and have to get up earlier to catch a bus in the morning. However, long story short, the new RPG is ready for a playtest. I converted an old *ahem* Shadowrun module into MY rules and will see if I can get the boys to play tomorrow night at the Baranof.

Assuming I can keep my eyes open of course.

Tomorrow I'll print up some cheat sheets and draw up a few standard archetypes for folks to play around with. I'm not sure I want to do "pre-gen" characters, but maybe some pre-gen equipment and spell lists will allow us to get the game going quicker.

Huh. I'll be sure to let y'all know how it goes.
: )


  1. I look forward to seeing -- and playing, if I can get my group to agree -- it!

  2. I'm totally down for this tonight! As usual, I'll probably be the latest to arrive, so email the list if there's anything we can do (or need to know) in advance. Psyched!

  3. @ Josh...just bring normal D&D dice (if you have 'em). I haven't decided if players are going to get to roll their own damage or not...better bring extra D6s just in case.
    ; )