Sunday, February 21, 2010

Down at the Local Game Store...

Picked up a used copy of the original Rifts Conversion book for $6.50 today. I think my collection of "the few Palladium books I'd ever bother to purchase" is just about complete. A copy of the first "Rifts Sourcebook" and the Vampire Kingdoms world book are the only things missing from my original library that hold any interest for me.

As a side note, I was browsing through the Star Wars books the other day when the manager asked me if I planned on buying anything for blog talking points. Turns out he's started reading the ol' B/X Blackrazor blog (hi, Tim!) at least when it gets slow around "the office."

It's strange to actually talk with a reader face-to-face about the stuff I'm writing. Yes, my wife occasionally reads the blog, but most of the gaming stuff goes way over her head. Actually conversing about the topics with a knowledgeable game player (with whom I have a long customer-merchant relationship) is...interesting, and a bit disconcerting. After all, here I can type stuff up and launch it out into the Great Unknown Void with little consequence (well...I don't know if Kenzer will ever entrust me with free material to read/review again).

Standing toe-to-toe with someone...even someone who enjoys and/or agrees with what I'm writing...well, sometimes I feel like I need to justify what and why I'm blogging what I'm blogging. Uncomfortable.

Well, so long as my money is still good in their shop...I guess I just need to get over it.
; )


  1. Hi JB!

    I guess since I've been outed here I have to stop lurking. :)

    One of the first things I learned working at a game shop is that everyone has different favorite games and that while we all may never agree on what games we like or dislike, we all agree with our love for games and for roleplaying.

    It's a kind of tension, a give and take, that I really enjoy.

    So keep on posting! And never feel uncomfortable about expressing your opinions. Articulate them well and make other people understand your thoughts. That brings us all closer together.


  2. Thanks, Tim...I'll do what I can. I only hope my opinions don't rub too many people the wrong way (some people are okay, of course).
    ; )