Monday, February 1, 2010

B/X Companion Poll Closed

Well, the poll is closed and I'll be taking it down. For reasons of posterity, I'm posting the results here:

Out of 95 people that answered:

31% are interested in buying my B/X Companion (29)
49% are waiting to see the price of the finished product (47)
20% are probably not going to purchase it (19)

Considering I've done no advertising for this thing except on my blog, I'm rather pleased. Hopefully, it'll end up being a nice enough package that more folks will be interested.

Mmm...sorry, that's it for tonight. I am really beat and am going to bed.

P.S. My wife is bugging me to review the HackMaster Basic book. Jeez! She's never even played AD&D! Ah, well...this week folks, I promise!

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