Thursday, February 25, 2010

Combat with Dooku - Round 2 (Part 1)


Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus (CL 17)
Venerable medium human Jedi 7/Jedi Knight 5/Jedi Master 2/Noble 1/Sith Apprentice 1/Sith Lord 1

Destiny 1 Force Points 15 Dark Side 15
STR 5 DEX 14 CON 8 INT 13 WIS 15 CHA 18
Ref 33 For 30 Wil 33
Hps 99 Damage Threshold 30

General Obi-Wan Kenobi (CL 14)
Adult medium human Jedi 7/Jedi Knight 4/Soldier 1/Officer 1/Jedi Master 1

Destiny 11 Force Points 14 Dark Side 0
STR 14 DEX 14 CON 14 INT 13 WIS 14 CHA 10
Ref 29 For 29 Wil 29
Hps 129 Damage Threshold 35

Anakin Skywalker (CL 13)
Adult medium human Scout 1/Jedi 7/Ace Pilot 2/Jedi Knight 3

Destiny 10 Force 12 Dark Side 9
STR 16 DEX 13 CON 15 INT 12 WIS 13 CHA 12
Ref 28 For 27 Wil 26
Hps 114 Damage Threshold 27

JB, Lee, Chris, and Evan are once again playing D20 Star Wars. The latest session takes place three years in the (campaign/game's) future. All characters have been advanced the same amount of XP and aged three years. Frustrating as this is for Lee (whose elderly Dark Jedi has now passed into the realm of the venerable), he is confident that his newly gained power is more than enough to face down his nemesis foes. Francis is once again at the store getting snacks.

After a pitched star fighter battle the Jedi Knights have managed to make it to the observation bridge of the Invisible Hand warship, where they intend to free the kidnapped Chancellor of the Republic Senate.

JB: As you look for a way to free the Chancellor from his bindings, a glance over your shoulder shows Count Dooku has arrived from the upper floor balcony. Behind him are too, huge B2 battle droids. Palpatine tells you both to leave him and find help...that Dooku is a Sith Lord, more than match for you two!

Evan (*smirking*): Chancellor, "Sith Lords" are out speciality!

Lee: I tumble down to the ground [rolls acrobatics 19+15=34]. That would have been Olympic gold boys!

JB: What is everyone doing? Let's roll for initiative. Remember, we only roll ONE TIME for the entire battle...after that, you can only change your Initiative order through delaying actions. There's no need to roll Perception as none of you are surprised. [all players roll Initiative. Lee gets a 16+15=31. Obi-Wan gets a 19+9=28. Chris rolls a 9+12=21. This will be the order for the rest of the battle]

Evan: This time, we'll take him together instead of splitting up.

Chris: I was just thinking the same thing.

Lee: I'm going to use Adept Negotiator to weaken Kenobi's resolve. "Put up your swords...we wouldn't want to make a mess in front of the poor chancellor." [rolls Persuasion 19+17=36; this greater than Obi-Wan's Will defense and so his Condition monitor is moved to -1]. "Ha, I can feel your fear, Kenobi!" As a move action I activate my lightsaber, and as a swift action, I will use my lightsaber defense with one-handed Makashi.

Evan: I am going to move past Dooku using tumble and spend my standard action to aid Anakin by forcing Dooku to defend himself against me. [rolls Acrobatics 13+14-1=26; his attack roll to aid Anakin is an 8+17-1=24; Evan only needed to roll a 15 for the former and a 10 for the latter to succeed]. Ha yourself...I force Dooku to face me (my lightsaber was drawn and activated during my move) giving Anakin a +2 bonus, plus another +2 as we are now flanking him!

Chris: Here we go...just a straight move and attack [rolls a 5+15+4=24, not even close to Dooku's Reflex defense of 36]. Ugh!

JB: Your go, Lee.

Lee: I move backwards, keeping the Makashi up as a swift move, and continue to intimidate Kenobi with my Adept Negotiator, making him think the cause is hopeless. "I've been looking forward to a re-match; I was hoping you'd improved your technique." [rolls another(!) 19+17=36; Obi-Wan is now down to condition -2]. Crumble in despair, Evan.

Evan: You just keep focused on me, pal. Still assisting [rolls 18+17-2=33] and still keeping Dooku flanked. Try that attack again, Anakin!

Chris: Yes, sir! [rolls 17+15+4=36; exactly matching his Reflex and thus hitting] "You'll find my powers have doubled since the last time we fought, Count." [rolls damage 8+14=22; Dooku is down to 77].

Lee: "Twice the pride, double the fall, boy!" I'm going to Force Slam Obi-Wan while backing up the stairs, and keeping the lightsaber defense up. [rolls 12+22=34]. That'll knock him out right?
JB: It knocks him down. Roll damage.

Lee: I'm spending a Force point to up the damage. [rolls 25; Obi- is down to 104].

Evan: Not enough to keep me down. I kip up as a swift action [rolls 11+14-2=23; he needed a 15] and I'm going to spend two swift actions towards recovering back up to -1.

Chris: I'm going to do a Power Attack at -2 and spending a Force point. [rolls 7+15-2+6=26] Ugh! I was really feeling that one.

Lee: I disengage back up the stairs using a full defense, with Makashi...though still ready to make an Attack of Opportunity. I signal to the battle droids to head down the stairs and blast the good General.

JB: I'll roll for the droids...they're both rapid firing, just trying to score a critical. [rolls a 9 and 15, getting scores of 13 and 19]. No hits.

Evan: I'll Deflect both shots as a reaction.

JB: You can only redirect ONE shot per round. Just roll once for Deflect and once for the attack; the second shot misses.

Evan: [rolls 7+12=19, deflecting the first shot. The attack roll is 6+16-1= 21. Damage to the droid is 4D8+7. Ewan rolls a total of 22 destroying the droid]. Since it's my turn now I use a swift action to finish raising my Condition to -1, move up the stairs and Rapid Strike the second droid. [rolls 9+16-3=22; rolling damage of 3D8+11 and gets a total of 26, whittling the droid into several small pieces]. It's going to take more than a couple droids to stand in my way!

Chris: Now we've got him in the pincers! I'm going to assist Obi-Wan with an aid roll [rolls a 20+15=35; a bit of over-kill for a DC 10 check!]. Dammit! Why can't I roll that for an attack!

Lee: I hit Skywalker and use a swift action to continue my Makashi defense [rolls 2+20=22 and misses].

Evan: I hit him with a single attack and use a Force point [rolls 13+16+4-1=32+6 (the result of the Force check)=38, just enough to exceed Dooku's adjusted defense of 36]. Right on!

Lee: I Block as a reaction [rolls 12+22=34] and spend a Force point [+6=38]. Now it's the next round and my turn. I will grab Obi-Wan with a Force Grip [rolls Use the Force at 9+22=31, holding him fast and doing 29 points of damage reducing him to 75]. Then I spend a Force point to Quicken the Force Thrust power as a swift action knocking Anakin back into a wall [rolls 14+22=36; Anakin rolls a Strength check of 6+11=17 and flies 6 meters back taking 6 points of damage and being knocked prone]. Ha!

Chris: Is it my turn yet?

JB: Since Obi-Wan is helpless (except for one swift action per turn), yes.

Lee: Wait! I want to spend my one Destiny point to act out of turn and steal initiative.

JB: Okay, but you can only use that ability once per encounter.

Lee: As I said, I only have one Destiny point from going up a level. I sling Obi-Wan away using Move Object, hurling him under the plasteel bulkhead a few meters away, then spend a Force point to Quicken Move Object again to move the bulkhead crushing him!

Evan: You bastard!

Lee: Sorry old friend, you chose the wrong side. [rolls 10+22=32 for the hurl doing 8D6 damage for a total of 33; then rolls an 18+22=40 for the crush doing 10D6 damage for 42 points of damage! A total of 75 bringing him down to 0] That's a death I'm afraid, as that 42 certainly exceeds your Damage Threshold.

Evan: I'm spending a Force point to stay alive!

JB: No problem. You are unconscious and at 0 hit points, but you are NOT dead. Chris, it's your turn.

Lee: Just you and me, boy!


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