Thursday, February 25, 2010

Combat with Dooku - Round 2 (Part 2)


Chris: "What am I going to do?" I’m going to bum rush…er, Bantha Rush this geezer, THAT's what!

JB: Wait a second…I thought your new feat was “Power Attack!”

Chris: No, no…I made a mistake earlier. I meant to say “Rapid Strike” – hey, I missed anyway! But look, you can see I have “Bantha Rush” right here on my character sheet.

JB (*incredulous*): Hmmm…okay, Bantha Rush. But I’m going to remember this for the future!

Chris: Right! So I struggle to my feet as a move action and charge the guy as a standard action…I’m more than two “squares” away [rolls 13+15=25+2 for charging =27] I’ll spend a Force point on the effort [rolls 2D8 because Anakin is “Strong in the Force” and takes the higher roll of 7] That’s a total of 34, better than your Reflex defense since you’ve left your guard down. I’m knocking him over the balcony.

Lee: I’ll land break my fall and roll to my feet using Acrobatics [rolls 4+13=17].

Chris: Don’t forget damage, though! [rolls 2D8+14 and rolls up a 24 total]. Are you feeling that?

Lee: Your measly kicks don’t even come close to my Damage Threshold. You coming down here, boy?

Chris: I leap down from the balcony and attack him with a Rapid Strike!

JB: Roll your Jump…this will count as a charge if successful. [Chris rolls a 14+14=28] Good enough; continue with your attack [Chris rolls 2+14+2-2=16] Mmm. Not enough. Dooku blocks everything you throw at him.

Lee: I keep my Makashi going as a swift action, and as a standard action I’ll use my new Temptation talent to goad him. “I sense much fear in you Skywalker…you have anger but you don’t use it…you have hatred but you keep it pent up like a caged animal. Give into your feelings!” [rolls Persuasion 18+17=35 easily eclipsing Anakin’s Will defense of 26] Ha! Now you can’t use Force points without gaining a Dark Side point or suffering a Condition penalty!

Chris: You know what? I’m going to let the “hatred flow” a bit. I use Dark Rage as a swift action and press the attack…I’ll spend a Force point to keep the Rage on for the remainder of the encounter [rolls a 19+12-1 (for his mechanical arm) = 30! This gives Anakin a +6 to attack and damage]. Now rolling to hit [rolls 12+15+6=33, not enough].

JB: That’s TWO Dark Side points kid…one for the Dark Rage and one for spending a Force point. However, since you’ve chosen the Destiny “Destroy Dooku” your actions in aid of your quest will give you a +2 bonus to all damage rolls for the next 24 hours.

Chris: Totally worth it.

Lee: I attack him two-handed! [rolls 12+20=32] Hit! Damage is [rolls 2D8+16] 21 points of damage.

Chris: I use Djem So to make an immediate attack of opportunity [rolls 13+15+6=34] That beats you without your fancy Deflection bonus.

Lee: I’ll Block [rolls 7+22=29] AND spend a Force point [rolls 3D6 and takes the best roll, a 5]…that brings me up to 34, stopping your attack!

Chris: I’m going to spend a Destiny point to steal Initiative and act out of turn.

Lee: What?!

JB: Turnabout is fair play. As I told Lee, you can only do this once per encounter.

Chris: Fine by me. I make a Double Attack and I’m going to spend two more Destiny points to make each blow Critical.

Lee: No way! Can he do that?!

JB (*consulting rule book*): Hmm…Destiny points do not cost any actions to use, and there’s no limit on how many you can use per round…unlike Force points.

Lee (*panicking*): I can still try to Block both attacks as reactions right?

JB: Yes, but remember that you suffer a cumulative -5 penalty to each successive Block attack attempted before your next turn, and you’ve already used one against his Djem So attack. You also already used a Force point (for that same Block) so you can’t use any more to boost your Block checks.

Lee: Ugh! And I’m out of Destiny points, too! Oh, well…here goes! [rolls a 10+22-5=27 and a 4+22-10=16].

JB: Lee, that was pathetic. Anakin’s attacks count as Criticals, so you needed to roll at least 35s…excuse me, 41s because of his Dark Rage! Go ahead and roll damage, Chris, and don’t forget to double it; roll separate for each attack.

Chris: [rolls 2D8+22 for each, including the +2 Destiny bonus and +6 Dark Rage] Damage results after doubling is 64 and 66! However, I will use my severing strike ability to simply cut off both his arms below the elbow.

Lee: You little bastard!

Chris: Hey, “do unto others,” buddy. And you’re too dangerous with those sword hands. Don’t worry - you can always get cybernetic replacements…isn’t that what you told me?

JB: All right, all right…Lee, the first blow shears through your right wrist for 32 points of damage, the second through your left for 31. Since both meet or exceed your Damage Threshold of 33, both blows drop you an additional -1 on the Condition track for a total of -4 (including -1 for each severing blow). You’re on your knees in front of him, can only move at half speed, and receive a -10 to all defenses, skill rolls, and attacks –

Chris: Assuming you want to try kicking me!

JB: …but at least he let you live, Lee. Of course, Chancellor Palpatine is still in the background, and he tells Anakin “you should kill him…he’s too dangerous to let live!”

Lee: I refuse to beg for my life.

Chris: It’s not the Jedi way to kill a helpless prisoner.

JB: It’s your call; he IS the most dangerous leader of the Separatists with the possible exception of General Grievous. Who knows what might happen once he gets some mechanical hands. But you WILL pick up a Dark Side point if you do it.

Chris: Ah, what the hell. It’s my Destiny to destroy him after all. I decapitate him with a swift blow.

Lee: Crap…do I get to play Mace now?

JB: Sure, man. Anakin, as you free the chancellor he commends you for defeating Dooku. “The Sith was too dangerous to let live…plus it’s only natural you’d want some payback for your arm. What did you do to the Tusken Raiders, after all? Now let’s get out of this place!” He’s heading for the door.

Chris: Wait, I want to go check on Obi-Wan first…

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