Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crap...Tavaris Jackson?!

So, no, I am NOT deceased or even "on strike" from my blog. I've been hamstrung by a complete lack of internet access since...oh...round about Thursday night/Friday morning. Remember me saying I need to fire my internet provider? Still haven't got around to it (and still needs doing).

But in a way, it was a mixed blessing being off-line the last few days. As usual, my weekened was crammed full of activities (guests visiting from out of town, parties on the Eastside...bleaH!...and barbecues down on the waterfront)...the great Seattle (summer) weather finally showed up and I was out-n-about, pretty much the whole time. That still wouldn't have stopped me from posting in the evenings...but without the 'net I was able to sleep instead.

ANYway, I've got a few thoughts brewing in my head, but only one D&D-related and I know it's going to ruffle some feathers in my gaming group so I'm dreading actually writing it up. The last couple days haven't been all that great anyway, and today's been one bit of ugly after another. I managed to sneak home to have lunch with the wife and hijo today and that was definitely the best part of it (the sun was even shining). Unfortunately, I got back to work in time to find out I need to work late Friday (unrelated to my sneaking out), that the Seahawks have NOT signed Hasslebeck (which means he'll probably playing for Arizona or San Fran...ugh!), AND that Tavaris Jackson will be competing with Charlie Whitehurst for the starting QB position?!!


So, yeah...a lame afternoon so far. But whatever...the next couple posts will see bit of thoughtfulness regarding comic books and violence (and comic book violence) and hopefully will NOT involve more bad news for the 'Hawks. Oh, yeah...and my feather-ruffling D&D post.

Stay tuned.


  1. TAVARIS JACKSON?! Sheesh. And I thought we had it bad in Cleveland.

  2. Pathetic QB situation. Just read that the Seahawks are on a list of teams interested in acquiring Kyle Orton. He's a no frills, journeyman type, but would be a heck of a step up from the current talent you're looking at.

  3. I thought I read you were getting Tavaris Jackson AND Matt Leinert. It's like a double win.

    For everyone else.

  4. @ M: Yeah, we're still in the hunt for Leinart; apparently Pete Caroll would like another USC guy on the roster.

    Then we'd have THREE QBs who've yet to prove they can play all competing for the position. "Sheesh" is right.

    Who knows...maybe the coaching staff can pull some magic out of the hat again this year, but most of our "magical" moments from last year came when our (now ex-) pro-bowl QB was upright and healthy. I'm thinking 5 and 11 is an extremely optimistic prediction (and remember, that's considering we still get to play the Cards, Rams, and Niners twice each!).


  5. Make with the ruffling! Us complacent, sleek-feathered players want to be outraged!

  6. I feel your pain, but who knows one of them actually 'get it' and click with the new system. I'm not holding my breath, but its still early in the season. Don't give up before it starts JB.

    Tim here, just saw I posted on Whisk's ID and not mine.