Tuesday, July 19, 2011

B/X Troll Slayer

From Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (Games Workshop, 1986):
The Dwarven Troll Slayer is an illustration of the personal psychology that dooms many young dwarves to short and violent lives. Young dwarves who have been disgraced, crossed in love or otherwise humiliated will abandon conventional Dwarven society and go to seek death, hunting down the most ferocious of beasts. Most of them die fairly quickly, but those who few who survive become members of the strange cult of Troll Slayers. Troll Slayers exist only to die, and by doing so redeem whatever disgrace they suffered in the past (and into which it is neither polite nor wise to enquire). They seek death by deliberately seeking uneven battles - going alone into Goblin strongholds is one example. Trolls are considered the ideal opponents, because the Dwarf's death is almost a certainty. Troll Slayers can be recognized easily by their hair, which is spiked and dyed orange, and by the many tattoos which cover their bodies. They also favor exotic jewelry, such as earrings and nose plugs. They spend a great deal of their time boasting of their exploits and showing off their many scars, and often indulge in bouts of overeating, fasting, and excessive consumption of stimulants.

[JB's note: I have edited the spelling in the passage. Elsewhere, it notes the "spiky hair" is achieved through the use of animal fat]


The dwarf troll slayer is an individual living the life of a self-imposed outcast from dwarven society, seeking only death in glorious battle as an atonement for some humiliation, misdeed, disgrace, or secret shame. Until such time as they meet their end, the troll slayer lives a life of excess and bloody hand-to-hand combat.

The prime requisite of a troll slayer is Strength, and they receive the usual adjustment to earned experience points based on their Strength score. A character must have a minimum Constitution of 9 to be a troll slayer.

RESTRICTIONS: Troll slayers use ten-sided dice (D10) to determine their hit points. They never wear any form of armor and do not use shields. A troll slayer is restricted to melee weapons; he refuses to use missile fire in mortal combat (though he may engage in tests of throwing skill for recreational purposes). The troll slayer uses the same attack and saving throw matrix as a dwarf, and may use any magic item a dwarf may use. A troll slayer may never voluntarily leave combat once engaged.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Troll slayers have the same infravision and additional languages of a dwarf, though they are not known for much talking or negotiating with enemies. A troll slayer is a fierce hand-to-hand combatant and add +1 to attack rolls in melee and never lose initiative for using a two-handed weapon. Troll slayers are exceptionally tough, and may subtract one point per die of damage from any successful attack against them (this may reduce an attack to 0 damage!). For example, a troll slayer hit by a swordsman subtracts 1 point of damage; one hit by a 6-dice fireball subtracts 6. If the (optional) individual initiative rules are used, troll slayers receive an additional +1 bonus for their furious attacks.

Troll slayers use the same experience point progression table as dwarves and may reach a maximum of 12th level in experience; however, they receive a bonus of +4 hit points per level for each level beyond 9th level (rather than the normal +3). Troll slayers spurn any level titles; "outcast" or "troll slayer" are good enough for what they are.

Troll slayers never establish dominions or build strongholds; they seek death and will wander until they find it.

[***EDIT:Added the individual initiative bonus under Special Abilities...forgot to do that earlier***]


  1. Very cool - straight to Links to Wisdom. The wiki is almost becoming a shrine to your posts JB

  2. I know it's thematically in line with the class but the survivability seems so extremely low that it might be frustrating to play. The one extra hp per level (compared to fighters) and weak DR would in no way make up for the lack of armor. They'll get hit constantly with only an AC 9 (plus dex).

    Maybe D12 hit die, double Con bonus, DR = level and some mechanic like living at 0 hp as long as they draw blood that round.

  3. @ Jovial: It's cool to be in such good company!

    @ Fumers: Um...what part of "seeking their own death" wasn't clear?
    ; )

    I admit, the class isn't for everyone, but I wanted it to be relatively simple and straight forward (I though about a complicated DR structure or something, but decided to leave that to the OSRIC/Pathfinder folks). Personally, I think this works...but we'll need to playtest it!

    That being said, I did neglect to add the "individual initiative bonus" earlier. The idea here is for the TS to strike hard-and-fast and hopefully force a route BEFORE getting killed. Once his enemies are driven away he can rest up, get healing, etc.

  4. Love it! Fits perfectly, and I bet it would be a BLAST to play!

  5. Haha! Nice! I always loved the Troll Slayer.