Sunday, August 6, 2017

RPGaDAY 2017 #6

From the #RPGaDAY2017 challenge (info here):

[as I'm starting this thing a little late, I shall be doubling up on my daily posts until I catch up. Early posts will be post-dated to the date they were originally supposed to appear]

You can game every day for a week. Describe what you'd do!

Game every day this week? With whom?

That's the real question. My family is out of town right now...I could game every day this week. If there was someone to game with. I mean, besides my homeless, alcoholic brother.

[maybe I should get AB to game with me...on the other hand, I already have him helping me with the landscaping project in the back yard. And we get too easily distracted from THAT as it is]

I've played with a large number of players over the years, both on-line and off (more often OFF-line, thank goodness). I miss them as much as I miss the gaming itself. Not because I miss socializing, mind you...I have lots of folks I socialize with, especially now that I'm back in the States.

But the gamers I've played with have been...well, special. Perhaps because role-playing is such an intimate experience...that sharing of an imaginary headspace with other people. Making yourself vulnerable to them, while they reciprocate. Playing imaginary games with the same wild abandon you did as a child in the company of likeminded adults.

I could game every day this week. So what? Everyone's moved away or is on vacation or is working evenings or is busy or...or whatever.

Now, if I could game with anyone I wanted for a that's a question I could get into. Should I list all the folks I'd love to sit down at the table with? AB and Jason and Jocelyn and Scott and Matt and Rob and Crystal and Brandon and Manning and Michael and Mike and Ben and Mark and Mac and Joel and Andrea and Jen and Julie and Sandra (well, maybe not Sandra) and Ben and Moses and Pat and Adam and James (not his real name) and Kris (the Doctor) and Alex and Steve-O and Luke and Josh and Matthew and Matt and Randy and Heron and Vicente (maybe) and Tim and Greg and Kayce and Justin (maybe not) and Will and Red and their buddies (whose names I can't remember) and all those cats from the Story Games room at Dragonflight (Ogre and Liz and Mark and Laura and Eric, etc.).

Let's see...that's some 40+ folks. Give me five or six of 'em every night for a week. I'm sure I can figure out something to play.
; )

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