Thursday, August 3, 2017

RPGaDAY 2017 #3

From the #RPGaDAY2017 challenge (info here):

[as I'm starting this thing a little late, I shall be doubling up on my daily posts until I catch up. Early posts will be post-dated to the date they were originally supposed to appear]

How do you find out about new RPGs?

Ha! Usually by going to my local game store and browsing the shelves, looking for interesting items.

Back in the "good old days" we had Dragon magazine, and it was chock full of advertisements for games (and not just TSR least not at first). But I stopped reading Dragon circa 1987, and through most of my high school days I would make it a point of stopping into the U-District game shop (I believe it was Games & Gizmos) on a daily basis while waiting for the bus that would take me home. That's where I picked up Rifts. That's where I picked up Vampire: the Masquerade. That's where I thumbed through dozens of GURPS world books (never actually buying any).

In the 90s I lived and partied on Capitol Hill where another Games & Gizmos would supply most of my wargaming needs (Blood Bowl, WH40K) for the decade, along with a handful of new RPGs, including Ars Magica and various World of Darkness gems (I really liked Mummy).

But both those place is long gone. In the 21st century I had Gary's Games in Greenwood where I would browse at least once a week (often more). Sadly, Gary's closed down while I was in Paraguay, and Greenlake Games shortly after my return (about eight months back). So now my options are to hit WotC's Cafe Mox in Ballard, or make the long drive to Edmonds to visit Around the Table Game Pub.

Usually I end up in Edmonds.

I wish there was a publication or newsletter or mailing list I could subscribe to that provided me with information on new and upcoming games (probably there is one, and I just don't know about it). I hate surfing publishers web sites for their "news" which is usually not all that informative and only promotes their own material. If I looked around I could probably find a blog that dedicated itself to this kind of stuff. But right now, about the only one I can think of is Tenkar's Tavern, and he tends to confine his news to Old School products. Usually.

Besides, visiting the game shop gets me on my feet and out of the house. That's a good thing!
; )


  1. When I'm in Seattle, The Dreaming (in the U District) was my go-to gaming store, even more than Gary's, though I admit that I haven't been in a couple of years now. It's where I got my copies of The Riddle of Steel, Carcosa, Burning Wheel, and Vornheim.

    1. Yep, I still go there, too...though mostly I just like to shoot the shit with Aaron (he is a font of knowledge when it comes to gaming and the local designers). If he sold beer, I'd probably spend more of my discretionary income at his store.
      ; )