Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sex and D&D

Just so folks don't think I've totally got my head in the sand regarding stuff flying around the blog-o-sphere...

You can see my thoughts on the subject of sex at the gaming table in this previously written series of posts from May of 2010:

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My thoughts and feelings on the subject haven't changed much, except perhaps to solidify. Folks who've purchased my fantasy adventure Five Ancient Kingdoms will see it includes rules for romance, a strong element of most fantasy adventure stories.

Now can I please get back to my series on fighters? Jeez!


  1. Yes, but...when it comes to the tradition of romance in many fantasy adventure stories, sex and romance are often separate. Some might argue such a division is a function of "sanitization" of stories both new and ancient for consumption by younger readers. Regardless of arguments on that nuance, at a surface level many tales have that flavor of whimsical romance unsullied by overt sexual overtones. I believe that is even reflected in 5AK,'s rules, correct?

  2. @ Anthony:

    As I said (I believe in my original series of posts) it depends on what brand of fantasy you're reading/playing. Harry Potter has a lot less graphic depiction of the physicality of love compared to say Dragonlance, but the basis of romance (and yes, lust) are present in both.

    With the Arabian Nights tales (the main inspiration for 5AK) the amount of sex incorporated depends on the translation one reads. I provided some simple mechanics for romance...but the amount of "steaminess" that players want to add as color/flavor is left up to individual tables' decisions on such matters.

    Remember 5AK is a fantasy adventure game, not an RPG. I believe romance is a part of fantasy adventure so I included rules for such. Really, the idea was to provide a simple game that players could add to as they liked.
    : )

  3. Ok, I see where you're coming from with regard to "level of steaminess" being up to the interpretation of a particular group and what they are comfortable with. I have to say it is definitely unique to see romance rules, I think you developed an interesting way to mechanically deal with such romantic encounters.