Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dragonflight XXXIV

AKA Blog-Fodder for Days

Dragonflight XXXIV has officially come to a close, and man-o-man there's a lot to write about: the good, the bad, and the O So Very Ugly. Most of the latter being directly attributable to Yours Truly.

But posting it up is going to have to wait for the moment. For one thing, I am f'ing exhausted...which is crazy, because I'm used to working nine hour days on five hours o sleep and I got a heck of a lot more sleep than usual (I mean, it is the weekend after all). For another thing, my wife is leaving town tomorrow for two f'ing weeks, and so I want to spend some QT with her this evening.

[um...that is to say, "quality time"]

The main reason I'm even posting this is because I wanted to see if my laptop worked after plugging it into the power cord (this was part of the "ugly" I just mentioned). Voila, or rather, eureka and whadya' IS working, and charging nicely (up to 28% power...wait, 29%).  So it's not completely wiped out, which I feared, and instead just sabotaged me this afternoon. Or rather, I sabotaged myself...but this will all be explained later.

Have a good night, folks.
: )

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