Monday, August 26, 2013

Five Ancient Kingdoms: PDFs Available!

All three volumes of Five Ancient Kingdoms are now available, as is the introductory adventure. You can purchase them at DriveThruRPG:

Volume 1: Men and Mettle
Volume 2: Magic and Monsters
Volume 3: Dragon Master Secrets
Sorcerer Island (introductory adventure)

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me with kind words and cold, hard cash...especially the latter. Your monetary support finances my future publications and I really, really, really wouldn't be able to do it without that.

There will be more 5AK updates in the future (as I develop some on-line support mechanisms), but for right now I'm just satisfied that there are a couple different mediums for people to acquire the product. And, yes, I'm a little relieved to know I won't have to field questions about "when's the PDF going to be available?" over the next several months.

Happy reading! Please email me any thoughts, questions, or comments you have. If you write a review somewhere, let me know so I can take a look! Thanks again!


  1. It was the dice mechanic, and the included dice, that sold me. Particularly, it was the repurposing of the phrase "Rule Zero". I've always hated the way published games touted Rule Zero like it was some amazing thing. I'm not sure why. I guess I'm just cranky.

  2. @ Nigel:

    I'm a pretty cranky bastard myself.
    ; )

    I have also hated the whole "rule zero" (in other RPGs), and was at least half the impetus for developing RZ. The dice came about 'cause I was tired of reminding my play-testers to throw out the 1s.

  3. A question about the dice: will you be selling the custom dice separately as well? It might be nice to get a few more.