Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Perfect Seattle Morning...

Not that there aren't a lot of beautiful days in Seattle (especially in the Summer) but some days are just about perfect weather-wise. Probably you have to be a lifelong resident to know the difference: just the perfect amount of heat, sun, breeze, and (slight) humidity. It absolutely poured rain on Friday, and that helped clear out the smog/heat inversion caused by too many days of cloudless sun and too many cars on our highways. With a big-ass cup of home-brewed coffee and a slight buzz remaining from a triumphant (and unexpected) Mariners win the night before...well, you couldn't ask for a much better way to start the day.

Of course, it helps that my wife is back in town and that she is responsible for wrangling the child upstairs (today, he seems to have decided he wants to run free...and naked...perhaps in emulation of the running beagles). Hey, I made him breakfast this morning (oatmeal...can't go too wrong with Quaker)'s her job to get him dressed for church.

Yes, yes...I realize my whole thing about writing with a focus on 5AK this week has gone by the wayside the last few days. It's not that I actually lied...I have several posts planned that I still hope to get to in the coming days...but my follow-through has certainly been lacking. I've been tired, folks, and the last week has felt like I'm working three jobs, between caring for D, going to my day gig, and trying to get the book ready. It IS ready, by the way...or at least it's printed and waiting for me to pick-up (tomorrow). While I don't yet have my resellers certificate (which would allow me to get out of the sales tax), I won't be passing that cost along to my customers, and I hope to have firm numbers from the post office by tomorrow, too. Enough so that I can put up a link for sale on this web site. And, yes, I am going to make this one available for PDF download, hopefully within the next two weeks (my target date for e-release is the 19th of August)...I'm not going to make folks wait around for this one.

Anyway, I'm not sure if you're going to see much more posted from me today: my intention is to take it extremely easy today because I'm going to be in tornado-work mode tomorrow (it's my "day off" that I get once every two weeks and I'll be using it to do as much as possible both with regard to the book and in preparation for Dragonflight this weekend). Frankly, this morning feels like the calm before the storm. I'm doing my best to remain relaxed even as my excitement builds.

More later, people. Enjoy your Sunday!
: )

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