Friday, August 16, 2013

Big Boy Business

Okay, so I lied a bit in yesterday's 5AK update: I did get those three packets in the mail before the post office closed, but I didn't get "all" my mailing done, since I got three new orders the same day. Looks like another Jimmy Johns/USPS lunch for me today.

Thanks for the business, though.
: )

And speaking of business (or "bidness" as I sometimes pronounce it): because I'm selling a complete game now (and not just supplements for use with B/X), I've decided it's time to actually build a web site  "for support of the product." This is going to be nothing super-exciting...remember, I'm just a little above neanderthal level when it comes to technology. However, it will be a place to move my product
"buttons" to (off the blog) and will include forums for discussion of Five Ancient Kingdoms and other products. I will, of course, let people know when it's up and running (hopefully in a couple weeks).

After that I can get business cards, and a facebook account, and a car with my logo on it....


  1. Wait a minute! Won't you be required to give up your "amateur" status? If you get business cards, I mean.


  2. Well the mailing has been a success, just got my in the mail today, can't wait to take a look this evening.