Monday, April 30, 2012

Proof-Reading in Palm Springs

Writing from a time-share (not mine) in the desert...the first time I've had access to the Internet in...what, three? Four days? You'd think a town with a pro-football team like San Diego would be civilized enough to have ready Web access. Nope. I had to come out to the middle of nowhere to finally access email without paying $15 an hour.

Don't let anyone tell you rich folks don't lead a cozy life.

I'm feeling a little down-melancholy tonight so I'm going to keep this short, as I'm liable to write something I may regret later (I've only just started on my wine, otherwise I'd probably just let fly, full bore). I got to see an old friend today, which was great, but possibly made an ass of myself (which is not great). Had dinner with my Dad which was good. Watched the police haul off a belligerent "patron" in hand-cuffs which was scary.

Okay, maybe things aren't totally cozy in the desert.

Sat down and started reading CDF tonight with an eye towards a "quick proofing" and found half a dozen typos in the first two pages. Ugh. Not really surprising when I think about it...I had a similar issue when I was proofing the first book (and in many regards, that one was a lot easier to write) and this is probably the reason editors were invented in the first place. Unfortunately, I can't really afford an editor (as I said, it's not my time-share).

Well, anyway, I said I'd keep this short and I meant it. I've written a couple long ramble-y missives in the last couple days that I wasn't able to post due to my "connectivity problem;" maybe I'll toss those up this week. Otherwise, I'm afraid I've got too much on my plate already to spend a lot of time blogging till I get back to Seattle.

Now where'd I put that pencil?


  1. Dude, I get free internet access all the time in San Diego. You just need to know the right coffee shops (though being affiliated with a large research university also helps.)

  2. I used to live down there in the desert. Here is better.

    Make sure to let me know where you're back and ready to keep playtesting that sucker!

    1. @ Will:

      I'm back, and we'll be play-testing Friday if all goes according to plan.
      : )