Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Totally Stoked/Drunk

Had a great play-test tonight of CDF (thanks Jon, Greg). No one died, magic rules worked did the newly written vehicle pursuit rules. It was a good time and I'm excited by how well it went.

For some reason, though, I seem to be getting drunker/sleepier by the minute.

I need to do a few things and then get to bed...I'll write more tomorrow (hopefully). This Tuesday night thing is kind of cool...I get a couple-three days to tinker before the weekend responsibilities take over. I could get to like this "early week stuff."
: )


  1. Glad to read things went well! I'm a Wednesday night man myself, and that seems to work well also for a gaming night.

  2. I did have fun and hope my questions didn't slow things down too much. It had been, jeez, close to 20 years since I'd read Shadowrun :P

    One personal beef was with the scenario: having the briefcase cuffed to my character's arm with no chance to act, no save and the elves shooting our contact despite being assured that we'd had them under surveillance and would have a chance to act if they acted. I understand that's the scenario. But if something is a premise, let it be a premise. Start the action after the cut scene, y'know? I wouldn't mind a scenario set up (just like the stereotypical ship wreck/prison escape/what have you) putting me into a situation. But the illusion that I can act when I can't? That sucks to me.

    Regardless, I DID have a blast and enjoyed the DMing, what I saw of the system, etc. And the first pitcher is on me in two weeks.


  3. @ Red:

    Hey, man, I am in total agreement with the lame-ness of the scenario. Since it's adapted from an old SR module, you just have to bear with: a LOT of adventure modules written in the 90s have that railroad thing going on. I'll be going "off book" for the rest of the adventure. The opening scenes just allowed me to play-test some specific things (vehicle evasion rules, for example). It'll get better.

    Um...I hope!
    ; )