Monday, April 23, 2012

Tuesday Change-Up (Play-Testing)

All right, I'm moving my play-test night to Tuesday, i.e. TOMORROW (4/24)...or at least, I'm attempting to do so.

Yes, I realize it's short notice. Yes, I know I should list these things before 10pm the day before. Sorry, folks...Saturday was taken up with the disgusting, historic humiliation of the Seattle Mariners, Sunday was the final day of the Tulip Festival, and today...well, I spent half the day looking for one of the running beagles, who was indeed on the run (we found her, but it took three and a half hours). Oh, all the normal stuff.

SO...realizing it's short notice, I will again invite interested parties to email me their interest. IF you've got Tuesday night free (8is to 11:30ish), IF you can get up to the Baranof (in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle), and IF you're interested in smoking some goblins with automatic weapon fire.

Let me know.

Thanks folks...Wednesday I've got an appointment with witch doctor #1 and will probably be needing a long soak in the tub afterwards. It would be nice to have some more "actual play" thoughts to mull over while I do so.
; )


  1. To be fair, even to be on the losing end of a perfect game is an honor. I mean, I despise the likes of Phil Humber and Tim Tebow, who flagrantly violate the commandments of their religion while gaining the approbation of certain extremists in it, but I don't allow excessive tribalism to depress my ability to rejoice with others. It's one thing to be sad about an ordinary loss, but to feel humiliated because you were fortunate to participate in an historic moment? That's unhealthy.

    1. @ Faol:

      Hey, I'm not faulting the Sox guy for throwing a perfect game. Historic is historic and I hope the kid's career takes off.

      The humiliating part is the M's offense over the last four years being the bottom of the barrel. This is just the capper. We've got a Cy Young winning pitcher on our squad who hasn't got a win this season because the batters can't take advantage? It's just ugly.

      And the disgusting part was the Seattle fans who were rooting for the guy to make history. It's one thing to give a guy props for his's another to turn against your own team so you can inflate the value of your ticket stub. Cheer the guy AFTER the game, not during the 9th inning. That shit wouldn't fly in, say, New York.

    2. Yeah, the M's bats have kinda sucked for too long. Not sure how the management is going to fix it, either. Ah, well.