Monday, April 16, 2012

Working Backwards

Actually, I haven't been "working" much at all, due to illness and injury. The illness appears to be allergy-pollen driven, and seems to be clearing up with the return of the rain. The injury is that damn, nagging back pain that I've had for about three years now...but after a couple sessions with the new witch doctor I finally seem to be getting to the heart of that particular issue. Turns out I've managed to knock most of my ribs out-of-alignment where they connective tissue joins the...well, nevermind. Point is, I've been a mess and caused myself all sorts of neurological stress and muscle damage that is only now being untangled, one layer of pain at a time.

Oh, yeah. And I got my taxes done.

I wish I had something to say about the new game idea, but I've done precious little work on it, besides re-reading a bunch of other game books (mainly Rifts, Revised Recon, and Twilight 2000). Even trying to "work backward" from what I want the game to look like is proving problematic: I don't have a good idea of what the end result would be. Tomorrow, I'll be heading back to my normal job for a normal work week with a normal commute (this is different from last week) so perhaps I'll get some brainstorming done...often, it's during this normal commute that I get some of my best ideas. Then again, perhaps I'll get side-tracked by some new bit of sports news on the radio...

ANYway, I did have a bit of excitement today when I found out that someone is playtesting my RPG of the dark mythic future...that's exciting since I haven't even been able to get a playtest group together (I've got several interested parties, but they all want to do it a different night of the week...sheesh!). The first night of the play-test is scheduled for tomorrow, and the GM-to-be has informed me that there's been much excitement and her group plans on spending at least three sessions on the thing...which is pretty cool, since the group's usual game is Pathfinder or Mouse Guard. Nice that they're willing to take a break from the same-old-same-old.

She also said she found the magic stuff to be well-done and there's already a player interested (and totally enthused) in playing a demon-summoning sorcerer. Which was kind of the reaction I was hoping for when I re-wrote the damn magic section. Hopefully it will work in practice...that's not just throw-away rhetoric, either. I am really hoping that is works...if only so I don't have to start over from scratch (again!).

But that's what the testing's for...I am expecting critical feedback (bad is as welcome as good), and KC has promised she will give me some.

All right, I'm done for the evening. It's time to change the ice pack on my back anyway.

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