Thursday, May 3, 2012

From Desert to Downpour

Welp we're back, safe & sound from the dry heat of southern California. The temperature where we were this morning is 91 degrees...the current Seattle temperature is 49. Cold enough we could see our breath outside the airport. Oh, yeah..and it's pouring rain. Yay...Spring!

Still, it's good to be home...after a nightmare two hour commute (in the rain, with baby and luggage). The beagles are always very affectionate after even a short absence. "Man's best friend," you know? They're both curled up to me as I type, warming these poor, rain-soaked bones of mine. And, of course, I have my own bed waiting for me, which is nice. Too bad I have to vacate it for my regular work day in the morning.

But there I go, complaining again. Junior Seau died today, and here I didn't even notice till I was ordering Thai take-out from a local Greenwood establishment. I'm sure if we'd spent a few more hours in San Diego today we would have heard the news. That's...well, I'm not sure what adjective to use to describe it. Certainly it's not good news. I guess "sad" is the most appropriate term. Any other word I might use would carry some possible judgmental attachment. And I want to save up my judgment for other things.

I hope you all have had a good week. Looking forward to getting back to normal on my end.

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