Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sunny Weather and Injury

Last night I started composing a fairly looong post about the Mother's Day, The Avengers, sunny days and bicycle riding (and purchases). I fell asleep halfway through the thing...literally. I've been spending a lot of time outdoors lately due to the excellent Seattle weather the last few days, and the busyness during the daylight hours have precluded me keeping my eyes open at night for posting.

That and the pain.

DeQuervain's tendonitis is the diagnosis, according to witch doctor #1, and I'm pretty sure it's the correct one, as he was able to bend my thumb and apply pressure in exactly the right spot to make me howl in pain. A couple tendons in my (left) hand are totally f'd...most likely as a result of schlepping too many suitcases in California with a bum right arm...and now I'm trying to type with a thumb brace without hitting too many of the wrong keys. Ah, well...at least now I know what's been causing me the pain the last couple weeks. And a thumb brace with some anti-inflammatories for a week/ten days is a damn sight better than cortisone injections directly into my hand. Not that I'm afraid of needles...I'm a regular donator of type A+...I just don't like the idea of injecting "stuff" directly into my tendons. Kind of a "principle" thing.

ANYway...I'm trying to work out a little design problem with which I've been agonizing the last few days, and I'm just not sure how to put the issue into words. I mean, really it's one of those things where figuring out the question will go along way to determining the solution. The Douglas Addams kind of thing, ya' know?

Unfortunately, it's way past my bed time at the moment (I paused in the middle of posting to watch Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady...only fair, since I've devoted so much time recently to Iron Man. Haha, yes that's a terribly lame attempt at humor. I've been in pain, lately, didn't I say that?)...so I'll have to broach the subject tomorrow.

Nighty night.
: )