Monday, June 27, 2011

Yesterday's Post...

...on special traits of B/X weapons has been modified.

None of the abilities work on monsters with 15 or more hit dice (like purple worms and storm giants).

Note, we're talking monsters and hit dice, not PCs or NPCs with 15 or more levels. Just to be clear.
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  1. It'd be weird if you were using these rules and got into the mid 10's in level. The extra powers would just start to turn off after having become second nature after hundreds of combats.

    The foes you'd be facing would be just as difficult to defeat relative to your character power except now your weapons don't work nearly as well as they used to.

  2. @ Fumers: Well, considering that the powers don't work against monsters only harmed by magical weapons (and the frequency of these creatures increase at higher levels), means the characters would already be somewhat weened from these abilities, unless facing NPC character types (evil fighters and wizards and whatnot)...and against THESE types of opponent, weapon type would still be effective.