Friday, June 3, 2011

Fat Frog Challenge Extended

I've had too many comments/emails saying they needed an extension on the Fat Frog Challenge, so I'm pushing back the deadline till 11:59PM next Friday (that's 6/10/2011, folks). Remember I live in Seattle, so that's Pacific Standard Time.

I sure hope you come up with some good stuff over the weekend.
; )

RE: Tonight's game...we were at a different venue from the Baranof tonight, and a whole new post needs to come on down the pike. Still gaming in a bar, but it's a gamer bar (weird, I know...even for Seattle). Muerte died (sorry Randy!)...and just when he was starting to get interesting. More on all that later.


  1. Oh, damn, I work best under pressure.
    Maybe I'll wait till next friday to begin... ;)

  2. One small (really minor) note, which I forgot to mention in the last post on this subject: we're currently in Daylight Time, not Standard, so it would be Pacific Daylight Time that you're meaning (11:59pm Friday Standard Time would be 12:59am Saturday on your clock due to the "Spring Forward" effect).

  3. In case my e-mail didn't get through, here is a link to the PDF:

  4. My Submission - The Princess and the Frog Prince

    A retainer of a local princess gathers the party in a secluded tavern and asks them for their aid. The love of the princess has been turned to stone and imprisoned in the woods. A rich reward is offered for those who will help the princess to release the prince.

    The retainer mentions that the secrecy of this venture lies in the fact the prince was of a rival family -think Romeo and Juliet-, who angered the body royal and was cast into stone for his arrogance.

    So the princess tags along with our heroes through the woods to rescue her love. Encounters are random, some goblins, a bear, a will of the whisp, some stirges, then as they approach the prison a hunter - lvl 3 Warrior and his four dogs HD 1 each bite for 1d6 -.

    At the tomb. A stone door shaped to appear like a snarling lion confronts them. One must reach inside the mouth and unlatch the mechanism. Thankfully, the princess knows the trick.

    The prison - a short descent into a antechamber with torches and a barred door - the bar facing the party. Upon entering a long columned hall they see at the far end a statue. As they approach, 2 stone guardians - Lvl 3 Fighters, AC 2, with Long Swords - attack. Once dispatched the glad princess runs to her lover and kisses the frog statue to release him from his prison.

    She cackles with glee as the statue becomes flesh and a demonic Slaad now confronts our heroes - Mini Slaad HD 5, HP 28 AC 5 Claw/Claw 1d6/1d6 Bite 1d8 bite save vs poison or become paralyzed for 1d3 rounds -, at his side his lvl 4 evil princess Magic User lover - HP 10, AC 10, Charm Person x2, Web and Invisibility -.

    Backstory -

    The retainer was under the Charm spell of the princess. She had secretly cavorted with dark powers unknown to the family royal and their loyal wizard. The wizard secretly stopped the menace and imprisoned it - can not let everyone know there are demons running about the land as it is bad for business and diplomacy. The princess poisons the wizard - making it look like he choked on a chicken bone - and steals the information of the prisons whereabouts and how to open it.

    Not much but there you go.