Thursday, June 9, 2011

Star Wars!

Everyone (in the blog-o-sphere anyway) seems to be throwing in their two cents about the new, free downloadable Beta test version of Dungeon Crawl Classics. Me, I don't really want to.

For one thing most of my "reviews" of products still-in-print (or newly published) tend to be on the overly-critical negative side. Observe my review of HackMaster Basic that Kenzer was kind enough to provide me a copy. Or Stars Without Numbers. The only reason you haven't heard me say boo about Raggi's latest greatest is because I haven't got around to purchasing the damn thing (which might say something in and of itself).

But for the main thing, how can one offer an adequate review of an incomplete game? A review of a beta test? No, no...I've read the .pdf and there's nothing positive to say without seeing the whole thing (for example, the "more robust judge's section"). I'm not just going to say it's great 'cause of some pretty pictures...I'm not an art critic.

No, what I'm thinking of these days is Star Wars (again) and wishing I hadn't loaned my DVDs to this newlywed couple who are SW fanatics...I haven't had a chance to watch the prequels in months. And I'm starting to Jones for some type of SW fix. I find myself paging through graphic novels and terrible, TERRIBLE hardcovers picked up at used book stores over the last couple years. I keep looking at my Star Wars Stratego and Star Wars Epic Duels board games and wishing my son was a little older than his four-months (only at my most insane moments...most of the time I want him to remain a cute little baby forever) so that I could have someone to play with...

Ugh. Been thinking quite a bit about the space opera thing again, and man am I glad did I avoid putting shields in those rules...but, no, I'm still fairly hot-to-trot on D&D and will be maintaining pace on finishing up the present writing projects before jumping back into the Quixotic musings.

But really...I have no time for Dungeon Crawl Classics testing.


  1. Dude, I'm a long time reader and commenter and see youre reading the.Laura book. I'm currently working on a B/X map from twin peaks. I'll be sure to comment u. A copy. Shhhhh, the owls are...

  2. We want the Space Opera. You will be giving us Space Opera now.

    (Imagine that said with a badass faux-Eastern European accent.)

  3. I hear there's this other really great book, I think it's called the B/X Companion?...


    I will post some of my thoughts on DCC. Hopefully I can find some brave souls to give it a test drive.