Friday, June 17, 2011

Sometimes the bear goes hungry...

Another good game at "the Mox" last night, despite some early issues (the goddamn WotC people were having some kind of party and taking up all the back rooms AND the parking...). Only five players sat down at the table, but they all walked away tonight with lives intact and loot in pockets.

I really find myself enjoying the game, especially the longer the "campaign" (such as it is) continues to progress. I am reminded a bit of the campaigns of my youth, the excitement I feel every time I'm preparing for a game, the anticipation of looking forward to our weekly get-together, the "can't-hardly-wait" feeling for the next week. Is it possible I am finally starting to "get my groove back" as a Dungeon Master? I know I was pretty rusty when I started this biz...sure I had a pretty good knowledge of the system I was using, but managing the game is different in practice than theory.

Maybe that's it. All I know are the creative juices have been flowing pretty freakishly fast. Drew up a completely new adventure for yesterday's game (as a break from the Necropolis), finally doing my own "fat frog" dungeon. It's funny how little it turned out from either A) how I'd originally planned it, and B) anyone else's adventure (well, other than the fact it has frogs/toads in it). It's fairly short so I figured the players could complete it in a night (they didn't), but it's with Paschendale, this is one I could see publishing, perhaps as a cheap .pdf.

But right now, I just want to PLAY it. Or rather, run it as a DM. That's what I mean by "hungry" in the title of this post. It's not that I wanted to smoke the characters (and they had several fortuitous breaks that I may blog about later)...I'm not ALWAYS in a blood-letting mood. But I AM totally starving to play some more D&D. It's going to be tough to miss a session when the family goes on vacation here in a couple weeks!

And that's a good thing...I've really discovered a love and passion for the game that I haven't had in years. I know the players are having fun; I hope we can keep it going for awhile.
: )

[by the way, relatives coming into town today for the weekend, so posting will probably be light. Still thinking up my next installment for bear week; hopefully, it'll go up later today!]


  1. Well, good to hear that you got your groove on!

  2. Even the hireling survived -- that HAS to be a first for us. He is a feisty one though.