Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Rainman Cometh

My brother finally made it in to Seattle, and he brought the rain with him.

Which is fine because we've been experiencing one of the driest June-July combos we've had in awhile.  Thunder, lightning and downpours don't bother me. I like my town green. But ol' Ables is getting a bit of a swollen head about the matter.

It started down in Tennessee and North Carolina, where he's been the last month or so...the rain was following him around down there. 

When he got to Detroit yesterday (to transfer flights), he likewise brought thunder storms.  Per the folks at the airport, the weather was both strange and unusual for July.  But there it was: pouring rain and flashing lightning.

And now he's here...and Seattle is grayer than it has been in awhile.  It's a nice change of pace. But now AB's calling himself "Rainman." Which is pretty ridiculous in itself, but he's hoping to work up to the title of "Rainmaker," or so he says.

Personally, I'm not sure he'll be able to learn to "harness his powers."

Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to pick his brain as much as I would have liked.  Or rather, I have, but he has little memory of our gaming days.  Pressed for anecdotes on Alejandro for this blog, he advised me to simply "make some shit up."

While I certainly could do that, I decided when I started this blog not to embellish if at all possible...hell, I'm trying my best not to "spin" these stories just to make things look more sophisticated or less venal than it is/was.  This blog is supposed to be actual memories as much as possible...though admittedly with the analysis of adult hindsight.  I realize that sometimes it's hard to NOT romanticize things and there are definitely times when memory fails.  But I will try to keep the outright bullshit as minimal as possible.

AB's final word on Big Al was this: asked what ever happened to the character, my brother said he didn't think Alejandro faded away so much as he (my brother) "grew up" and stopped taking D&D (and other RPGs) seriously.  Unlike myself, who AB describes as "age 35 going on 12."

So says the guy with the 80th level "Blood Elf" on World of Warcraft

Oh, long as you're not killing people or actively working to make the world a worse place, I won't fault folks for their interests; certainly I won't apologize for MY hobbies. I can (and do) apologize for being an asshole in the past and any transgressions I made against the social contract inherent in gaming.  But those are apologies that are owed to individuals, not to society.

Heh...Rainman, indeed.
: )

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