Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Morning: Blog Musings

Let’s face it: D&D is a damn fine and interesting game. I’ve been asked by readers a couple times how I have so much to post on this blog, and it’s just amazingly easy for me. There’s so much to talk about!

Since I’d kinda’ like people to read what I write I try to hold off on more than 1 post every few hours…but as it is I’m keeping a running list of topics by the computer that I hope to someday get to. But they just keeping coming up.

For instance, I’d like to blog a whole week about the Normal Man, praising this monster class, and how to use it in a game. How adventurers were perhaps NMs once themselves, and should start with an extra D4 hit points. How, when designing monsters, a 1D20 to damage means a NM has a chance to survive a blow, while 3D6 damage means the creature will destroy a NM with every single blow…that colors how a monster is perceived by the populace.

I’ve got a Top 10 list for adventure Modules (already composed), a Top 10 list for monsters (still being ruminated on…difficult to choose who makes the top 10, let alone their order of appearance), an In Praise of the Purple Worm, as well as some Delightfully Whimsical monsters that are definitely appearing in the B/X Companion.

There’s an extremely easy to use Alternate XP System that will allow for high level play without (hopefully) crazy Monty Haulish-ness. And of course, several more planned posts on Blackrazor, White Plume Mountain, RETURN to White Plume Mountain, Alejandro & Co., and other ramblings from childhood.

I’ve got magic-user stuff falling out of my ears! I’ve finally got some ideas for magic items in the B/X Companion! I’ve got more stuff to say about thieves (crap!)!

Oh…and the post that really excites me is this one: How Bilbo Baggins Ruined Everything. But I said Halflings are being reserved for next week. And that includes Hobbits and Kender as well.

Makes my little fingers excited to type!

Anyhoo that’s all the stuff from the post-it list…I still have stuff from my original list of 100+ blog item as well as the ability to cannibalize from around the blog-o-sphere. Ugh…and this is only D&D-related! I might not start examining my (several years long) Vampire saga till 2010! Plus all the Old School goodies: Star Frontiers, Gamma World, Top Secret, more Boot Hill. And dozens more…Shadow Run, Battle Tech, Rifts…hoo-boy, them’s just the “pop” ones, too, not even the indies.

MMmm…I realize that blogging about my blog isn’t exactly “fair play.” I’ll be writing a more substantive post later this morning.
; )



  1. I love your enthusiasm, your rambling, personal style and all the ideas pouring out of your keyboard. Prost! :)

  2. One of the most alluring parts of B/X for me is the monster descriptions for men. Take the bandit and trader from Basic. Awesome. Even the Isle of Dread had a human monster class, the Native. Those descriptions always make me want to run B/X, I can't quite put my finger on it, but they are evocative to me.

  3. @ Alex: Thank you…that’s very kind.

    @ MikeD: And yet you insist OD&D (& S&W) are your favorites! Dude…Pat and I WILL convert you eventually. ; )

    By the way: who needs cannibals when you’ve got Natives.
    : )

  4. @JB: It wouldn't take much to convert me. I love me some B/X. :)