Sunday, July 19, 2009

B/X Companion: Introduction

From my Introduction to the B/X Companion

You look at the envoy, amazed at his impertinence.

“I haven’t spoken with Gellor the Black in fifteen years! The location of his tower of wizardry is known throughout the land.  Why trouble my court if he is the one you seek?”

The messenger speaks hesitantly, carefully avoiding your gaze. “Your Lordship, the creature that threatens our neighboring kingdom is none other than Volgax the Mighty, greatest flame wyrm of old.  None may stand against him but heroes of equal stature.  Lord, you and your worthy companions are renowned for great deeds.  If you will not aid us, both our reams are in dire peril!”

Welcome to the fantasy adventure Companion Rules!  These rules are meant to supplement an existing fantasy role-playing campaign by providing rules for adventures at the highest echelons of danger and glory.  Previous fantasy role-playing games have provided you with all the tools one needs to explore underground catacombs and dangerous wilderness locales.  For those players looking to continue their characters’ careers with more challenges, these rules are designed to help sculpt a fantasy campaign of epic proportion.

These rules are NOT a stand alone game system; they are meant to be used in conjunction with other fantasy role-playing games especially the works of Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson as edited by Tom Moldvay, David Cook, and Steve Marsh, as well as the more recent game systems like Labyrinth Lord by Goblinoid Games. If you do not own one of these basic game sets, you will NOT be able to use these supplemental rules.  

In some situations, rules here may contradict rules from prior editions.  When in doubt of which rules system is too be used, players should decide AS A GROUP how to handle these discrepancies. Try it out!  If one set of rules don’t work for you, switch to the other set...or make up your own “house” rule.  This is your game!  Once you’ve bought it, it’s to be used for your own enjoyment.  Don’t let the rules stop you!

You consider the diplomat’s words thoughtfully. It has been many years since you carved out a dominion with your own sword.  Yet your enchanted armor wears as well as ever, and you are still fit enough to ride and tilt with lance and shield.

You look over at your most trusted advisor, Douglas de Sable.  Few besides yourself know that he is in fact the head of the local thieves guild, or that your tolerance of his activity is due to the mutual life debt you owe each other. 

“Doug, I seem to recall dragons being fond of their hordes...and the people have been asking for a holiday and some tax relief.  Why don’t you see if a messenger can entice Gellor out of retirement for one last adventure?  It seems the fate of the realm is again in our hands!”


  1. This left a big grin on my face - you nailed the tone of B/X perfectly.

    but Tolm ?

  2. So, do you have the B/X Companion all planned out, or are you looking for help nailing down some of the rules that will be incorporated?

    Either way, I'm excited to read it.

  3. When does the print edition drop? :D

  4. As a footnote, while I like the intro, I feel it is too conversation-oriented. The weakest for of exposition is conversation as it ends up pretty passive for the reader.

  5. Thanks folks ("Tolm" has been corrected). My wife's out-o-town this weekend so I figured I'd bang out the thing in the next couple days...I mean it's only going to be 64 pages long, right?
    ; )

    I've got it fairly well scripted, but I may need suggestions along the way. I'll let y'all know.

  6. @ Dyson (sorry, cross-post)...well, I'll just have to include some later play examples to see show 'what happened next.'
    : )

    At the same time, I envision the Companion set as being a set of supplemental rules that have a bit more to do with the ins and outs of high level game play, including intrigue, alliances, and conversatin'. It's not just about kicking the ass of demigods or something. But,'ll see what I mean (I hope!).

  7. Hey, I guess that poison needle didn't get Douglas De Sable after all :)
    I really do _need_ a copy of this!

  8. @ Philter: Heck, *I* want a copy...and I wrote it!

    : )