Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Donating to Tao

Work progresses (page 35 and really starting to enjoy myself...I do so get a kick out of my own material. Yes, I'm hopeless). Unfortunately, I've got to take a break to do a bunch of unpaid writing/editing work on behalf of some dude as a favor to my wife's boss. It's inconvenient, but I'll try to knock it out fast so I can get back to my REAL work...demons and plagues and sorcery. You know..."the usual."

HOWEVER, I've been remiss in not mentioning Alexis Smolensk's current "self-crowd-funding" project. Alexis, poor guy, is currently out-of-work and looking to stay afloat while finishing up the editing/polishing of his new novel. As such, he's asking for donations and offering a bunch of stuff (an adventure he's written, cool maps, t-shirts, etc.) as rewards depending on the level of funding you're willing to "gift" to him. Since I'm a fan of his work, this is a good opportunity for me...I can donate a few ducats from my "game fund" and get a peek at how he designs his adventures, which I look forward to reading alongside my copy of The Dungeon's Front Door. Nothing like having the practical application along with the theory, right?

[by the way, Alexis was same-day prompt with getting me my PDF rewards upon donation. Just haven't had the chance to open them yet...]

Anyway...okay, back to the grind.


  1. Hope you don't mind if I add a little pitch. The module is completely interactive and available through the publisher program. Have a look at today's teaser:


    1. Feel free to chime in...it's your deal, man.
      : )

    2. Did you see the cover art a reader did free for me today, JB? Reminds me of old timey module covers.

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    4. Ah, the perks...aren't they great?

      Maybe after you're crowdfunding is finished, you can sell the adventure on DriveThruRPG: $4.99 a pop for PDF, plus print on demand options?
      ; )