Saturday, February 20, 2016

Demon Feces...

...polluting tributaries can cause spontaneous mutation downstream in even the most righteous followers of the True Gods. It is important to pack your purify food and water spells (and iron rations! lots of those!) when adventuring in the wastelands (areas that have succumbed to chaos blight).

As if you didn't already have enough to worry about...

How many wineskins did you bring?


  1. I did write about demon feces in my Ternketh Keep module. I'd love to know if you got that from me or if you're seeing the same logic from your own mind. If the latter, that would be great!

    1. No, something I'm working on for a campaign setting (and a better reason to use "purify food and water").

      I'm sorry to say I haven't actually had the time to read Ternketh yet! Hopefully this week.
      : )

    2. Poisonous landscape. I like the idea. Might pencil in something similar next time I run D&D.

    3. @ DMW:

      Yeah, I'm going to try to elaborate on this in a future post, but my internet is currently down (I'm writing this from a restaurant).