Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Holmesian Subclass and Race Index

Sorry...nearly forgot about this. Just for ease of reference here are the links I promised for the whole slew:

Cleric Subclasses
- Druid (and Spells)
- Monk

Fighter Subclasses
- Paladin
- Ranger

Magic-User Subclasses
- Illusionist (and Spells)
- Witch

Thief Subclasses
- Assassin
- Bard

New Race Hybrids
- Half-Elf
- Half-Orc

A very fun exercise for Yours Truly. I'll be interested in seeing how they compare to the versions in Blueholme Compleat, once Mr. Thomas finally gets the book published (I'm making an assumption about what I'll find in BC...I didn't actually have the opportunity to peruse Michael's play test documents). Regardless, these will serve my purposes.
: )


  1. Excellent series!

    Anytime I want to write a new class I always go back to the basics and think what roles they cover. You have made explicit some of the same thoughts I have had over the years but never wrote down.

    1. @ Timothy:

      The writing it down part is really just my equivalent of "talking out loud." I'm glad some folks find it interesting (I'm not big into sidebars in my actual publications, but I *do* have reasons for the things I do...even if I don't always remember WHY later).
      : )

  2. Dammit, JB, now you've got me wanting to get my hands on a Holmes set. *shakes fist*

    1. @ DMW:

      How do you think *I* feel? I've got the books but no one to play with!

      However, I'm considering running a Holmes (basic) game for my child next year (he turns 5 in January)...we'll see how his kindergarten education can handle it.
      ; )

  3. Would 'half-race' be better as a template you can add to other races?

    1. @ Sean:

      For me, no...it doesn't work (on multiple levels). This isn't some kind of Xanthian zoology I'm using (where everything breeds with each other), though I realize that's just MY campaign setting / taste level. More practically speaking, you'd probably want some sort of uniform method of applying such a template, which would be fairly difficult (and not something I want to devote time to figuring out.

      Regardless, this isn't really a "template" system I'm creating here, so it's kind of a non-starter idea for me.