Sunday, December 13, 2015

Far Trek - Last Chance

It's after midnight here, but folks over in the U.S. still have some time left to get C.R. Brandon's FAR TREK in soft cover from Lulu for just a steal of a price: under $3, with free shipping. That's a pretty great price for a 148 page game that does an excellent job of emulating the feel of the original Star Trek series.

At least, I'm assuming it still does. I have the Beta version in PDF (based on Mike Berkley's original Where No Man Has Gone Before), and was one nifty little game (though perhaps a bit less "gonzo Trek" than Berkley's original), at about one-third the page count.

Here's the link you want to check out if you're at all interested. Hurry...time's running out: the deal only lasts for today!

Yes, I bought it.

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