Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Day Before

Don't know about anyone else, but I'm having a little difficulty focusing/concentrating knowing that tomorrow kicks off the 2013 NFL season. For residents of, say, Oakland I can understand if there's a bit of concern, apathy, or resentment. Such is not the case with folks up her in the Pacific Northwest, however.

My scattered-ness might also be attributable to a profound lack of sleep over the last couple days. Yes, I'm back in town, but I'm still on Maui time...which doesn't change the fact that my son needs help getting to sleep at night (he's also on Maui time) and yet the beagles insist on waking me up for their usual 5am feeding frenzy. I'm a hot mess, both physically and mentally. Daydreaming about hotwings and Thursday night football at least managed to get me through my ten hour work day. You know the drill: whatever works.

I've got three-five different things on my mind at the moment, that I'd like to write about, but I can't quite seem to manage. For those who are curious, they are (in no particular order):

  • Fighter Love 4: Hold the Line
  • Leadership (redux)
  • Concrete Sandboxes
  • Paradigm Shifts (that one thanks to Alexis)
  • and Visualizing Hotness

...the last of which is admittedly poorly titled, but like I said, my brain is kind of a hot mess at the moment. Case in point, I've spent the last hour or so combing through other peoples' blog posts from the years 2009-2012...which is just a ridiculous waste of time on my part.

[no, it's not always a waste of time to retread the past, blog-wise, but you folks didn't see what I was reading. Trust me when I say that was not a well-spent hour of my life]

So I think I'm going to try to turn in early with the idea of getting up in a few hours and logging some blogging and/or writing time before I head off to the day job again. We'll see what I can accomplish without getting side-tracked by

Thank God I don't do fantasy football anymore...I'd be a complete loss!


  1. Hey, I know what you mean. Here in Texas, football is a religion. It kicked off for us last Friday night with highschool football starting, the Texas A&M/Rice srimm... I mean game on Saturday, and NOW the NFL starts. :)

  2. Yeah, man, no more fantasy football for me! Been there, done that enough. I'll stick with my first form of fantasy entertainment from here on out, thanks very much! Now, just hoping to see some big improvements with the Eagles this year...

  3. i can only help with visualizing the hotness...

    the hotness