Monday, September 16, 2013

A Perfect Storm

It would be out of character for me to not at least mention that I was at last night’s Seahawks-Niners game, where even the sky itself seemed inclined to add to the noise and pyrotechnics with thunder and lightning. It was a good win against a good team…I won’t bother gloating, since there’s still plenty of football left to be played including the rematch in San Francisco. However, I will say I was proud to see so many fans stick out the weather, lending their voices to the cause.

My own son was in attendance (with stout ear muffs) and we considered sending him and mom home when the game was suspended with no timeline announced for resumption. However, he wanted to stay (after powering down a hotdog while sheltering under the bleachers) and stay we did. He yelled and stomped with the rest of us, and didn’t start getting squirrely till the very end…pretty good considering the extra hour tacked onto the game time. He’s a great kid…too bad this will be the last season he gets in for free (he turns three in January).

All right, that’s it. Back to the regular gaming-related posts.

[go, ‘Hawks]

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  1. Well, I'm born and raised in New Orleans, so naturally I have no love for the Niners.

    Go Hawks!