Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I have now formally removed myself from WotC's "D&D Next" play-test because:

a) I haven't had the time or inclination to read any of their stuff since week 1 or 2, let alone do any actual play-testing and,
b) I really have no intererst in supporting them.

In other news, I seem to be losing blog followers left-and-right...it would probably help if I posted something every once in a while. Sorry, folks...it's been busy.

However, I said I would be too busy to post shortly after my son was born, and in the last 20 months I've still managed to get SOME content up on the blog. (*sigh*) It's just been tough...what with work and parenting and all the stresses that come with both, my energy (and imagination) for blogging has been limited. In fact, my "writing brain" itself has been a bit curtailed of late, though I do still have the occasional idea popping into my head...if not the actual gumption or time to get it down on paper.

Ah, well. Just wanted to put up a quick note. By the way, I HATE the new blogger interface...it makes me want to punch the computer in the mouth.


  1. Not a fan of it myself. Since they switched to it I can't see anyone's follower thingy, including my own. So for all I know you have lapped James Mal three times with followers.

    I also bailed on the playtest. Just lack of interest in it. I didn't see much that the OSR wasn't already doing and doing better.

  2. I ran the first playtest material with my son's 4e group... they all loved it, and wanted more, mainly because 4e combat takes forever. In fact, when my son ran his game the other day, and 3 encounters took 5 hours, they asked about it again!

    I have my LBBs, as well as 1e and 2e... and very little time. Not sure why I haven't formally bailed yet, especially when I don't see myself every buying the final product!

  3. Blogging about why you're not blogging is a good way to lose followers.

  4. Fumers: not blogging since 2008 is also a good way to lose followers.

  5. People don't stop following you because of lack of content, they stop following you because you post about things they aren't interested in following. (Have you ever thought about starting a separate sports blog?)