Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bring on the Dark Elves

The New England Patriots roll into Seattle today; the second time the Waa-aagh will be hosting a dark elf team this season (the first, of course, was against the, Dallas Cowboys, and we all now how that went...). But Belichick is a might sneakier than Jason Garrett...we'll see if Gronkowski and Welker can tear up the middle with their slants and slots against the weakest part of our D.

I say "weakest" part, but there isn't a whole lot of weakness on a team with the #1 ranked defense after five weeks of regular season play. On the other hand, the Pats have the #1 ranked offense in the NFL for the same period...truly a match-up of the "unstoppable force versus the immovable object." For those fortunate enough to have TV coverage, it promises to be a good game.

Though I wouldn't bet on anyone facing the Seattle Wa-agh for the first time. Being in different conferences, the Patriots only visit Seattle once every eight years...and the last time they did so, Tom Brady was injured (Matt Cassell started that day, for those who are curious). Brady has never thrown a single pass at Da Clink. And if the rain falls as promised, this could be a rough outing for him.

Personally, though, I think the real battle will be won or lost on the other side of the ball. All the damn Russell Wilson apologists who complain about us nay-sayers not giving the rookie a fair shake for "keeping us in every game" are friggin' deluded. The defense has kept us in every game...and the running attack has been strong in every match-up (Lynch leads all backs and the Seattle run offense is #3 in the NFL). It is the passing game that has continually fallen short. This week, the orks don't face a porous Carolina defense, but the nightmare schemes of one of the darkest minds to craft a defense...a twisted and cunning intellect, unafraid of stooping to vile tricks and opportunist tactics. And you've got to think Dark Lord Bill is going to have quite a package dreamed up for our short-stuff rookie.

I'm still picking the Seahawks to win, of course (they ARE playing at home, after all), and I will be putting my support behind our QB...wholeheartedly, let me add (I just hope I'm not yelling "Wilson!!" in dismay too many I have in every game thus far). I  am hopeful Russ can rise to the level of the competition this week...and the dark elves are indeed powerful competition.

Glad it's on my TV.

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  1. Out here in the Philadelphia area, we refer to local Cowboys fans as "cockroaches," because, this being mostly Eagles country (of course) the Cowboys fans only come out when the Cowboys are doing well, but hide when the lights are turned on (meaning, when the Cowboys are sucking). The term was popularized by sportscaster Howard Eskin. Anyway, enough discussion of the Eagles fan lexicon. I think you and I can both agree on the following: F Dallas AND the Patriots!