Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More NFL / Blood Bowl

Was watching the ESPN "Sports Center" with my non-gamer wife the other evening to hear the football highlights (I managed to convert my lovely spouse to a loyal Seahawks follower some years back, despite her childhood love affair with Joe Montana and Steve Young), and she had this to say:

"Why can't OUR quarterback play like that?"

Referring, of course, to our crappy-crappy rookie QB who is bringing down the whole value of an otherwise championship caliber team. Yes, Wilson has shown improvement...but "improvement" isn't good enough when you paid $20 million for Matt Flynn and never gave him a chance to start. That's bullshit.

THEN she said:

"We need to get a vampire for our team."

Referring of course to Blood Bowl (my wife having played more than a few games in Ye Old Blackrazor's Blood Bowl league).

Now she then did go onto say that Count Luthor was a far better ball-handler than quarterback/passer, but I still think her point is a valid one...we need to put a high-priced star player in to lead this team, not a 3rd round rook. Obviously, though, Pete Carroll has never played Blood Bowl.


  1. Congratulations-Robert Pattinson is your new QB. But someone is going to have to add more sparkles to his uniform.

    1. You totally beat me to a 'be careful what you wish for' reply there.

      I'd be in favour of Blade though...

  2. i think you have a few star players on defense already! :O

    adding count luthor would cause salary cap problems i fear. :P

    i wish i had your problems. going to play a league games with my gobbos today. no proper quarterback in sight there either...

  3. I was a Russell Wilson fan from the time he first became a starter at NC State, but I agree, Flynn should be playing and Carroll is squandering a championship opportunity. Having said that: don't be surprised if Wilson gets the hang of things and improves as the season goes on.