Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Riding a Hot Streak

Okay, I haven't mentioned this here yet, because...well, because it's embarrassing. But I have told a couple people, including a fellow blogger or two with whom I've been in contact via email.

I'm starting to get a super severe Dungeons & Dragons itch.

I, of course, blame the stupid A-Z blogging challenge which has got me thinking about the game for my "April theme." However, it's also got a bit to do with the stuff I've been reading on other folks' blogs lately, especially some of the "new guys/gals" out there. Fresh perspective being a real shot in the arm and all that rot...

So I'm totally thinking of ditching the B/X Shadowrun game for awhile...at least, once the current "adventure" is concluded. I really think I need to get back to my pseudo-medieval-fantasy-RPG roots. It's time to do a real dungeon crawl again...not this driving-around-Pierce-County-in-a-gunship-sniping-at-elven-gang-bangers-thing.

[cue Wagnerian soundtrack]

Of course, that's not all (when would it ever be?). A looooong while back...or so it feels...I started planning a new B/X Supplement to which (lo and behold) B/X Companion cover artist Brian DeClercq is even (as we speak) contributing his artistic chops. Again, in full color. Rather than write-off a cool, talented guy I pulled out the "notes" such as they were this last weekend and tried to make heads and tails of 'em. A lot of stuff pulled directly from the blog needed to be re-vamped and updated and a lot of stuff that looked good before, needed to be edited down to a tasty bite-size level.

So that's what I've been doing since Monday (um, today's Tuesday? Yeah). And what do you know...I've got nearly 20 pages done. Now, that's 20 withOUT proper formatting and illustrations, so it's actually amounts to most of the book (I'm shooting for 36 pages or so, total). SO...I'm going to try to plough this mother under while the iron is still hot (please forgive my mixed metaphors) and hopefully get this thing done before the weekend begins.

I know, I know...good luck and all that. But I'm serious when I say I'm close on this one...and like the B/X Companion, there's a lot of fun stuff and "goodies" here, so hopefully there'll be some interest in it. I just thought I'd let you all know that I AM being productive outside this silly A-Z thang.
; )


  1. Tarnation! don't tease us like this!!! What the hell is it about?!!

  2. JB, you are crazy...!!

    Having said that, I would have no problem at all switching to DnD whenever you want. That's not a diss to BXSR, I'm just willing to jump around if you want to run something else (and I like DnD).

  3. It's auto generated Spam. I have been getting these all month.