Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Work Tomorrow...

...because my day job is for the government and I've got mandatory furlough days to make up the budget crunch.

(*sigh* ...real life)

Ah, well...who needs money anyway?
; )

Actually, I'm NOT complaining. I get to spend more time with my baby, I should have time to write and prep for the Thursday night game, AND I get to spell my wife long enough for her to go to yoga class. It's a, I've got a sack o' coffee beans just begging to be ground and percolated.

We do complain to folks with our fancy internets access and blogs and such. My life is really damn fortunate, and I truly am sorry if my venting leads folks to believe I'm unhappy or something. Blogging is just so darn brainless sometimes...and thoughts just run out onto the page without a thought to the repercussions.

[kind of like what I'm doing now...duh...]

This is one of the reasons I'm ENJOYING the A-Z challenge. No it doesn't take much discipline for me to post every day (I usually do anyway), or even to do something on a particular letter (I could have just gone alphabetically through the Monster Manual...hell, I have a ton to say on the "quasit"). It's trying to stick with a particular theme that's tricky...and fun. Maybe even "worthwhile." I'm not sure why so many of the OSR dudes have a problem with it. Because it's a "bandwagon" thing? Isn't the whole OSR a bit of a "bandwagon" thing?

Oh, well...who cares, right? other news, I've gotten all the spell lists complete except for one. By complete I mean, "the fashion of the magic has been worked out, the list complete, and the spells/text all written up." So far that means 104 spell descriptions. Considering I only had 59 spell descriptions in the entire B/X, that's kind of crazy. Of course, the last spell-caster class (that I hope to complete tomorrow) has 170 spells in its list...that's even crazier.

Damn...that's a lot of spells.

Eh, but most of 'em are repeats, right? Sure...about 46% of them so far.

Of the 59 spells in B/X, 57 of them (97%) were new to B/X, if not especially new to D&D in general. Of the spells so far written for the new book, 58 are "new" to B/X. And of the 170 I still need to write-up for the final class, it appears 52 are going to be new. That's like (sorry, math is hard right now) 110 new spells?

This is going to be a big book.

Ugh. I should probably get back to it. Talk at ya' later.
; )


  1. I don't mind writing the posts. April was irrelevant, I was going to go through that theory diction either way.

    What I do mind is all the noise on my blogroll where people are just putting any old thing down because they are struggling to produce 26 posts.

  2. Sadly, I have no family with which to while away the time, but I do also have the day off, so I guess what I'm saying is: Happy Thursday Is A Day Off Day!

  3. Nice to get some time off, and great that your wife will get to go to yoga class. So wonderful.

    As for the A to Z, I didn't do it. Not because it was a bandwagon thing, but because I don't want to be committed to a blogging schedule based on the alphabet.

    That said, I'm glad you're enjoying it and I wish your family a great weekend.

    PS: And I hope with that coffee, you get to eat some nummy things, too.

  4. @ Whisk: Oh, yes! The mother-in-law is in town this weekend and she's cooking up some picaditas as I type (my reward for getting the baby for his morning nap!).
    : )

    @ C: How is that different from most any other month?
    ; )

    @ Left Hand: Thanks!

  5. I don't know what a picaditas is but I will Google it. Enjoy and have a great weekend. Sounds fantastic.