Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Dungeon Alphabet

Picked up a copy of The Dungeon Alphabet by Michael Curtis today...yes, I realize I'm a little late to the game and all but I buy precious little on-line if I can help it (besides an inherent paranoia with slinging my credit card around the computer I prefer to support my local game shop as much as possible...I'm a traditionalist, go figure).

The thing is beautiful, serviceable, and practical...not to mention both cute and exceptionally clever. I look forward to reading it in depth tomorrow during my morning and afternoon commute.

However, just a brief perusal is enough to give it praise...the illustrations inside the cover? Fantastic. And I got it for an all-too-easily affordable $9.99. Wow...I am REALLY doing something wrong with my own books!

All right, now I need to go read Chgowiz's tear-down of today's blog post.
; )

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  1. $10 is a good deal, Dungeon Alphabet is an excellent product. The illustrations are wonderful.

    The B/X Companion is equally excellent, and was well-worth the money I paid.